American Folk Music could not be possible without the influence seen from cross-genres. When musicians that are known for rock music delve into the folk genre or world renowned artists want to go back to their roots to help the folk tradition stay alive, it strengthens folk music for all of us. This is the same recognition that is often forgotten with the many sponsors that make these festivals available to the masses today. We want to thank all of our sponsors this year that have come together in support of folk music.

All too often, we forget about our past and get caught up in our everyday lives. This is what causes us to forget about much of the folk music that has paved the way for the music of today. Without the help of our generous sponsors, we would not have been able to let our attendees hear any of these amazing folk musicians. We have a duty to keep folk music alive, but it can be nearly impossible without the help of others along the way.

This year was one of our first big successes of many. We were able to bring in hundreds of guests to our festival and allow them to experience a genre of music they either love or have never been able to hear before. It is a magical moment when a person hears a new form of music and we strive to make subsequent festivals even better than this years’. We have a duty to the musicians of the past to keep their tradition alive. We were able to do that this year and without the major backing from sponsors, our efforts may have been in vain.

Great activities were able to be presented this year that have never been possible in the past. We brought together many of the most famous names in American Folk Music for one big event that fans could easily congregate to. This has been an experience of a lifetime and one that we hope none of our attendees ever forget. With each festival, we always try to make the event bigger and better than the last. How will it be possible to top this year’s event? We do not know the answer, but we do know that more people than ever before are starting to listen to American Folk Music thanks to the festival that has been deemed a success.

We deeply appreciate the help from each and every sponsor that allowed this event to be a major success. The willingness to help the community learn more about American Folk Music and join together in such a way that promotes our beloved genre so much would not be possible without sponsorship. We cannot do this alone and we hope that subsequent festivals will receive the same support as this year’s has received. We sincerely hope that you will support us in our future endeavors and look forward to what the future holds for American Folk Music.


Insler and Hermann

James Hairgrove





Shapero and Green

Alan Schiffman

Edward K Le

John Budin

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